Tuesday, May 10, 2016

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Dina Anteneh

Dina Anteneh is one of the most popular artists in Ethiopia. She has just released few single music’s including Alchilm, Gamme, Nama, and recently Bede. But her fame blew up right after she released Gamme.
Dina Anterneh in the song Bede
Dina Anteneh
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Her most popular single has around 5 million hits on YouTube.

1. Dina is her real name taken from the bible (the daughter of Jacob).

2. She was born and grew up in 4 Killo, Addis Ababa.

3. She learned at different schools including Kidist Selassie Cathedral and Menelik secondary school.

4. By the age of 10 her mother (Ejigayehu Admassu) saw Dina’s interest in music and sent her to Yared Music School to learn music.

5. Both her father and her mother were musicians.
The Father of Dina Anteneh
Dina Anteneh's Father

6. She grew up with her mother and she met her father after she grew up - 13 years of separation.
Dina Anteneh's Mother
Dina Anteneh's Mother

7. Before she became famous Dina Anteneh used to perform on different clubs both in Ethiopia and America.
Dina Anteneh singing in one of the clubs she used to work
Dina Anteneh singing

8. Dina Anteneh released only her first single in Ethiopia, the rest were released from America.

9. She used to play Gamme as a child a song previously made by a singer named Marta. This is the song that makes her very popular.

10. She cut her hair for the song Gamme.

11. She has 1 child named Barkon.
Dina Anteneh's child Barkon
Dina Anteneh's child

People love her singles nama and game so much dancers, children, and even brides started to play it and dance in their wedding.

Link for full videos of

The first dancer: https://youtu.be/aU73oD9Etd4

The kid dancer: https://youtu.be/jnIYA1ej4Ds

The wedding video: https://youtu.be/wT_cbB6aVqE

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  1. Dina is created for the bridge of generation.amazing gift of god,please do something with the right time,god bless you.