Popular Ethiopian Websites

Ethiopian Entertainment Websites

1. Habesha Entertainment

Habesha Entertainment is a site where you can find unique Entertainment topics, Videos, Pictures, News, Places of Ethiopia, Technology, Life and Health Tips.

2. Dire Tube

Dire Tube is the largest video sharing site in Ethiopia. It was started on 2008 and grow very fast to rank number 1 Ethiopian Entertainment site on alexa. It includes videos on Ethiopian Amharic movies, Amharic drama, Amharic music and articles on latest Ethiopian news.

3. Ethio Tube

Is also one of the largest Ethiopian video sharing sites on the internet. Besides the well known Ethiopian Amharic dramas, movies and musics. This site has its own unique videos including shows, dramas and etc..

4. Amharic Tube

It is a site for latest Ethiopian news, Amharic movies, music, and drama.

5. Addis97 Movies

This amazing and popular website has a large collection of Ethiopian Amharic movies, and dramas including Mogachoch, Dana, Nuroachin, Sew le Sew Ethiopian Drama, Ethiopian movies and trailers.

6. Ethiopian Entertainment

A site  where you can find  Ethiopian Breaking News, comedy, music, movies, interviews and shows.

7. Addis Zefen

Addis Zefen is a site that has very large Amharic music collection. If you are searching for Ethiopian music it is the right place. You can find musics in categories, by artist names and etc...

8. Sodere

Sodere is a blog and a video sharing site which was started on 2010. It has around 40,000 email subscribers and 300,000 monthly visitors which makes it one of the largest entertainment sites in Ethiopia. Sodere has blog posts, and videos including amharic dramas, music, and movies. The movies in this site are legally included with partnership with Selam Production.

9. Konjo Tube

One of the best entertainment sites in Ethiopia with its collection of Ethiopian films, dramas, and music. Konjo tube also contains Sheger FM,

10. Ethiopian Tv

The official site of EBC. It has latest Ethiopian news, music, drama, events and shows with categories.
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Popular Ethiopian Websites

Ethiopian News Websites

1. Horn Affairs

Horn Affairs got Ethiopian news on different topics including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Railway construction in Ethiopia and many more. Horn Affairs presents Ethiopian News in English, Amharic, Afan Oromo, and Tigrigna languages.

2. Addis Today

Addis Today comments on new Ethiopian news topics. Gathering its topics from different governmental and nongovernmental websites.

3. Ezega

Ezega news provides its customers with the latest national and international news topics for Ethiopians who live in their country or abroad.

4. Ethio Media

Like the other sites Ethio Media gives us interesting and latest Ethiopian news in Amharic daily.

5. Sheger Tribune

Sheger tribune provides news and interviews on hot and important topics for us. This site also has Amharic musics with a unique playlist and audio player and movies.

6. All Africa

In this very popular news site you can get latest news articles on entertainment, business, environment, health, sport and travel.

7. Nazret Ethiopian News

Nazret Ethiopian news delivers articles on latest news on shopping, travel, sport and many more. It also has radio, link directory and forums.

Ethiopian Technology Websites

Ethiopian Shopping Websites

1. Kaymu

Is the best online market place for you guys if you are living in Ethiopia. Kaymu Ethiopia is the best shopping place for jewelries, computers, laptops, fashion clothes, shoes, sporting goods, and more. 

All you have to do is order what you wanted and you will get a call from kaymu workers and you can finish the rest on the phone.

2. Ethio ሱቅ

3. Ethiopian Online Shopping

4. Mereb

Ethiopian Universities

1.  Addis Ababa University

Addis Ababa University which was formerly known as University college of Addis was founded in 1950. It is the first and the largest university in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa university has 6 campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2.  Jimma University

Jimma University is a public university which was founded in 1952. It is located in Jimma, Ethiopia.

3.  Gondar University

Gondar University is a public university which was founded in 1954. It is located in Gondar, Ethiopia.

4.  Adama University

Adama University is a public university which was founded in 1993 as a college and grow to become university in 2005. It is located in Adama, Asella, Ethiopia.

5.  Bahir Dar University

Bahir Dar University is a public university which was founded in 2001. It is located in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

6.  Mekelle University

Mekelle University is a public university which was founded in 1993. It is located in Mekelle, Ethiopia

7.  Wollo University

8.  Haromaya University

Haramaya University is a public university which was founded in 1954. It is located in Haramaya, Ethiopia.

9.  Hawassa University

Hawassa University is a public university which was founded in 1999. It is located in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

10. Dilla University

11. Arbaminch University

It is a public university which was founded in 1986 and it is located in Arbaminch, Ethiopia. Currently it has around 20,000 students.

12. Axum University

13. Debre Berhan University

Debre Berhan University is a public university which was founded in 2007. It is located in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia.

14. Debremarkos University

Debremarkos University is a public university which was founded in 2005. It is located in Debremarkos, Ethiopia

15. Dire Dawa University

Dire Dawa University is a public university which was founded in 2011. It is located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

16. Madawalabu University

17. Adigrat University

18. Arsi University

19. Assosa University

20. Jijiga University

Jijiga University is a public university which was founded in 2005. It is located in Jijiga, Ethiopia.

21. Mettu University

22. Mizan Tepi University

23. Samara University

24. Soddo University

25. Wachemo University

26. Wollega University

27. Debre Tabor University

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