Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Use Teleport in Ethiopia


Teleport is an app created by Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation, and it allows users to get many services with just a couple of clicks away.

The app has 6 different buttons on its home screen and these include:

Teleport from Ethio telecom main services

Main Service

ዋና አገልግሎት: Here you can check your balance, recharge your balance, transfer balance to someone else (friend, family, coworker etc…), and send call me back request.

Teleport from Ethio telecom
Main Services

Prepaid call

የድምጽ ጥቅል: This service allows you to pay some amount of money and call for longer duration with a discount.

Teleport from Ethio telecom

Text Message

የጽሁፍ መልእክት: This is like the former service you will pay to get daily, weekly or monthly text depending on your need.


ሞባይል ዒንተርነት: This will allow users to get some amount of data by paying in the same way as የድምጽ ጥቅል or የጽሁፍ መልእክት.


ሲአርቢቲ (ዘፈን): CRBT is one of the most interesting services you will get. Just by paying 5 birr for a month you can choose your favorite song that your caller can hear while your phone rings.

Teleport from Ethio telecom CRBT choose your call sound

Important Informations

ጠቃሚ መረጃዎች: Here you can get different information about Ethio telecom, emergency phone no’s, phone no’s of cinemas and many more.

Teleport from Ethiopian telecommunication corporation

For android users you can get the app from play store and for iPhone from apple store!

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