25 Things You Should Know About Ebola

Ebola Outbreak

Things you should know about Ebola
Ebola outbreak

1. Over 1350 people died so far this year in West Africa’s Ebola outbreak. Ebola is a deadly disease reports

2. Ebola is frightening disease; it is one of the world’s most lethal disease.

3. The CDC categorizes the disease with anthrax and small pox as a bioterrorism agent.

4. Ebola killed about 3500 people since it was first reported in 1976.

5. But this new outbreak is particularly concerning because it has spread worldwide even if it affects mostly West African countries.

6. Medical personnel’s are affected with this out break, because first they didn’t know what they were dealing with.

7. There is stigma and fear associated with Ebola. And this could cause people who started to experience the signs and symptoms of Ebola to seek medical help far from their local communities which in turn will increase the spread of the disease.

8. The only way to protect people is keeping them from getting it in the first place.

9. There is no vaccine for Ebola virus that protect people from getting the disease.

10. There is also no available treatment or cure for Ebola virus infection.

11. The disease kills around 90% of patients.

12. Scientists who went to West Africa to stop the disease greet each other by shaking elbow to elbow to decrease contact.

13. Finding and isolating infected patients is the only way the Ebola outbreak can be stop.

14. In 1976’s outbreak Ebola killed around 400 people.

15. Unlike HIV Ebola is a hard disease it can live outside the human body. Plus it is found in tears and on the skin.

have documents the infection is continuing to spread.

Signs and symptoms of Ebola virus infection

16. Initially patients experience headache.

17. A hemorrhagic rash appears over the entire body.

18. Eyeballs will get filled up with blood.

19. Faces become fixed.

20. Vomiting of black fluid and discharge blood from every orifice.

Survivors of Ebola outbreak

21. Even if Ebola is a ruthless disease in this outbreak about 1 out of 5 patients survived Ebola.

22. These patients are not showing the symptoms of Ebola anymore.

23. But they are still confined in the hospital because the virus remains in their blood and can be transmitted with bodily fluids.

24. No one knows the strong immune system these patients have, the antibodies.

25. One of the survivors EMERY MIKOLO said “because the disease has no cure God must have saved me!”

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