How to make screen capture video using Microsoft expression encoder 4

Many people wonder what is the best screen caption video taker, well it depends on what kind of video you would like to make but of course I would like to make my screen caption video using Microsoft expression encoder 4 since it has easier interface I recommend you use that too.

So first you have to download it from the official site Microsoft expression encoder 4 then you can follow the following steps to make screen caption videos.

After installing go open Microsoft expression encoder 4 then if you need to record your voice as well you have to click on audio icon that appears when you open it then you can also change settings in capture manager. If you want you can enable webcam to record yourself together then afterwards you can adjust how webcam recording appear with your screen capture.

The most interesting thing is you can record voice in your background play it may be like mp 3.Then after adjusting all these stuffs you can press record.

Then you can adjust the height and width of window that needed to be recorded if you want the whole window you can use the default then you can start recording after completing your video you can stop it by clicking stop on system tray icon of  Microsoft expression encoder.

You can find your video by going to documents - Expression - out put.

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