Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to change twitter's theme

  Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks. Including many celebrities use twitter. At twitter you can tweet things like your feelings and people who followed you will see what you are tweeting and they can reply to you.

  Its difference from Facebook, Google+ and other social networks is that you can follow people you are interested in and most people like musicians, sport teams will tweet the latest things in their twitter page rather than on other social networks. For example Nicki Minaj would love to post things through twitter than Facebook because twitter is all about that but in Facebook you have to like her page and wait till she post things and what many celebrities will post on Facebook is not mainly personal and it is hard to find frequent updates. So if you would love to get those things from people you are interested in twitter is your choice.

  I didn't mean Facebook has no use but the thing is Different social networks have their own distinct and unique purpose right? Because if they were similar only one of them will control the buisness and the others would be history so you have to know what you need and where you can get it.

  And now you are about to see how you can design your twitter theme so you won't get tired of the default twitter design first go to twitter and sign in to you account you can also sign up for free if you don't have account after this go to settings then go to design on the left side.

  Now you will see premade themes but if you don't find a theme that suits you you can click on a link "Check out Themeleon" a new tab will be opened there you can choose whatever kind of theme that suits you.

  Next you will choose the background color which you will see on the sides of your theme.You can choose link color this is how links appear different from other normal text on tweets.The last thing you need to choose is overlay color.

  You are done now just save your changes and get back to Home you will see actions take effect.


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