Commercial Bank of Ethiopia starts the new Internet banking program

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia started internet banking for customers to save time and money. The bank stated this service with the motto "why be inline when you can be online!"

 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia starts Internet banking program

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is the first bank to start internet banking in Ethopia

CBE starts internet banking program for the first time in Ethiopia. Commercial bank of Ethiopia announced it had officially started the use of Internet banking. Internet banking is a system which allows users to be able to control and transfer through their mobile phones without going to the bank.

The motto and services of the bank

The banner chosen by the bank is a quote which says “Why be inline while you can be online” to show how it can save the time lost by the customers trying to go to the bank. Ato Solomon Mengesha said this system will allow our customers to transfer their money from any place, to check their daily income and output plus it will also allow users to get text message from CBE for some updates.

It is safe and secure

This banking service is safe and secure and users should keep their password and security key private. The manager Ato Solomon Mengesha also said every internet banking user should keep their security key or password for themselves for security issues that may arise following this kind of technology.

You can pay bills using internet banking

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is also trying to make the payment of bills like water and electric resource usage just through this system.

The future of commercial bank of Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has a total of 18,000 workers and 820 branches in Ethiopia. CBE is also trying to open new branches at Washington DC, Dubai, South Africa and Djibouti.

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