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mekele Ethiopia
Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia

Mekelle is the capital city of Tigray region. Mekelle is found 780km north to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

This place has an average annual temperature of 25 degree centigrade. Mekelle is a place for business or pleasure.

The exact year of foundation of Mekelle is not known but historians argue that it was founded by the 13 century.

Mekelle is one of Ethiopian cities which had been the capital in 19th century during the rule of Emperor Yohanes. The emperor built a palace in this beautiful city during 1870’s.

The palace of Emperor Yohanes is still in a good structure and now it is serving as a museum.

There is a a 51 meter monument of people who died for the freedom of Ethiopia and it a remarkable land mark of this historical place. The monument is worth a visit.

Most women around here wear traditional outfits. Because there is higher demand of traditional clothes there are a lot of shops which can supply, not only traditional clothes of tigray nation rather they sell many different traditional clothes of Ethiopian societies.

By the way it is really difficult to decide which one is good because you will see many breath taking clothes.

Mekelle has these intriguing waterfalls that attracts many tourists all around from the world. With regard to tourist site Mekelle is not only known for her waterfalls there are many historical and cultural tourist sites in this city.

It is one of rapidly growing cities in East Africa because of investments from many companies especially from Europe and USA. There are large industries and agricultural sites not forgetting the hotels and others social institutions.

David from USA described the investment in Mekelle as:
“We think Mekele is a great place to invest because there is a capable labor force, educated group of professionals coming from Mekele University, there is extremely supportive government who is willing to support your business by giving you concessionary access to leases of land and Mekele is a town with high quality telecom, power access and plenty of water.”
Mekelle City of North Ethiopia
Mekelle City of North Ethiopia
The international airport of Mekele is named Alula Aba Nega after the war legend of Ethiopia. It is a great way of importing and exporting goods to and from Mekele.
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