How to create a custom header for a blog using Xheader

How to create a custom header for a blog using Xheader
How to create a custom header for a blog using Xheader
Xheader is a software which allows users to create a customized header for their website or blog. Xheader allows us to choose from different categories of headers with attractive and amazing features we can modify the header as we want for our website or blog.

First we have to download Xheader so go to and install Xheader. Now open Xheader it will give you to choose between the free trial and if you want to get 5000 header for$47.

1. Just click on thanks to go to free trials it actually has beautiful headers which will absolutely suit your web design.

2. Now you will see 4 options whether if you want to continue your header project which is made by Xheader or any other software, if you want to start with a blank header. And the other option is if you want to load from template library of Xheader.

3. Choose ‘Load from template from library’.

4. A new window opens and let you choose from different categories of blog header templates. Choose what you want and like from this amazing Xheader header templates.

5. Now you can edit your custom header using the tools. What you can do is you can add images, text, different kinds of shapes and more.
How to Edit your header on Xheader by Habesha Entertainment
Tools in Xheader

6. You can edit your text like its transparency, font, size, borders, you can make what you added including the photos and shapes into the front and back. Also you can adjust their transparency.

7. After finishing editing your header with xheader tools. The final thing to do is resizing your header to fit your website or blog. For blogger and WordPress users you can check this by going to layout and header. You can resize your header image on xheader by clicking on options button and resize header.
How to Resize your website's header in Xheader
How to Resize your website's header in Xheader

8. You resized your header to its appropriate size now what you need to do is click on save us button then choose jpg format.
Save your header in jpg format when asked in Xheader
Save your header in jpg format
9. Xheader will let you to choose the quality of download just choose excellent (double click on it!) because superb can slow down your website speed and the rest are low quality. But excellent works excellent if it is going to fit in your header if the size is too much choose very good instead for fast load speed.
Choose the quality of your header image from the list in xheader
Choose the quality of the image

After saving your header image upload it to your website or blog

  • For blogger users you can do this by going to Blogger> layout> header> choose image and upload your custom header. Don’t forget to choose put instead of title and description.

  • For WordPress users go to Dashboard> Header image> upload image. That’s it you’re done.

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