Ethiopia the birth place of coffee

Coffee,cappuccinoEthiopia is the cradle of mankind: birth place of coffee and books among many other civilization. It is where the endogenous coffee berry was first discovered and where coffee has been cultivated for centuries. Ethiopians have been growing, roasting and cultivating coffee nearly for about a millennium.

There is no place on earth more suited for growing coffee than the mountains and plateaus, the rich volcanic soils, the temperate climate and the unspoiled forest which create a unique environment where coffee trees thrive and diversified. And no people on earth are committed for nurturing the plants that produce the beverage cherish on the world. Ethiopia is inviting all people involved in the cultivation, processing, sail and consumption of its coffee to share in equal distribution of its bounty.

The Ethiopian trade market licencing initiative is the process that honors Ethiopia's commitment to providing the world with the best environmentally respectful coffee in the world.Ethiopia consumes around half the coffee it produces its diverse population of small farmers provide coffee with their own and unique techniques of cultivating coffee. There is to roast and to grind it in a traditional way. There is also consumption of coffee hull, or the outer cover of the dry buni coffee plus on different celebrations and religious ceremonies the people of habesha (Ethiopians) drink coffee.

The first discovery of coffee was thought to be of accidental. There is a story that many people of Ethiopia believe in that some farmer before a millennium found coffee and presents to the rest of Ethiopia.
Some time around the 9th century there was goat herds man Caudi took his herd for a graze in the mountains of  Ethiopia then known as Abyssinia while  he was in sleep in his job his goats went somewhere and when he wakes up he searched everywhere until he found them happily eating some strange plant Caudi tastes the plant and felt like dancing and he took this plant to his village to share his discovery and everyone in his village loved it and the trade of coffee spread through out Ethiopia!
Some time around the 14th century coffee reached the ancient city of Harar, the center of trade for all Ethiopia. From Harar it wasn't long for coffee to reach Yemen, which was trade center for the Ottoman Empire. During the 17th and 18th century the Dutch, France and British introduced coffee to the rest of the world. Ethiopia the oldest independent country in Africa there are around 80 different cultures there. With different languages. One of the common activities in Ethiopian people is the ceremony of drinking coffee.
Blog Photo Attribution: By Brandon Shea

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