Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ethio Djibouti Railway

Ethio Djibouti Railway
As we all know amongst Ethiopian Hidase  one of the main project is building railway with in cities, between cities and between countries like between Ethiopia and Djibouti. The project has been started and is continuing to finish the project with in the expected period of time 3 years and 6 months. The project will cover 2300km.

Ethiopian railway corporation signed with the Chinese civil engineer to built the second part of Ethio - Djibouti railway. Ethiopian railway officer Dr. Getachew Betru and by the CCC's president Yoandi makes the agreement.

The whole length of the project is 656km. This part of the way takes part from Messo, Diredawa to Medole which is 339km.

According to Dr. Getachew Betru this project will be completed quicker than the first part of the project which extends from Addis Ababa to Messo, due to the perfect geographical arrangement in which the railway lies. They also describes that the majority of the fund will be spent on leveling the geography since this railway is planned to be done on level place. This will make it a better railway and it can help to increase the speed of the trains. This is expected to take about 60% of the total expense.

Ethiopia has planned to complete 2300 km railway projects with in three and half year time. And this project is expected to include 300,000 Ethiopian workers. This means with each 100 km 15000 workers will be invoved.

The total expess of Ethiopian railway project is 20 billion Birr. And the involvement of Ethiopian citizens is 60%.. Only small part of the project will be made by loan.

According to Yoaldi they will finish this project with in the expected period of time. He said "all the payments have to be payed quickly after this our company will work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to finish the project!".

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