Monday, July 14, 2014

50 Ethiopian most famous people you need to follow on twitter

The Weeknd
Blog Photo Attribution: By Fred Von Lohmann
Ethiopia is the capital of Africa and one of the East African countries. Ethiopia is densely populated country with well-known figures in our modernized world. Ethiopia is well known by those children specially the athletes who won many trophies in the world biggest competition. So in this post I will present you with the 50 most famous Ethiopian figures that you need to follow on your social medias specially Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc…..


1. The Weeknd who is most popular hip hop singer he was born by his Ethiopian name Abel Tesfaye

2. Teddy Afro

3. Serawit Fikre

4. Mulualem Tadese

5. Tamirat Desta Artist

6. Alemayehu Eshete Artist

7. Gigi Artist

8. Meseret Mebrate

9. Aster Aweke artist

10. Temesgen artist

11. Mohamud Ahmed 73 years old singer

Rich Person

12. Mohammed Al Amoudi who is a multi-billionaire Ethiopian


13. Haile Gebreselassie

14. Kenenisa Bekele

15. Tirunesh Dibaba 28 yrs old female athlete who have won many trophies in different competitions including Olympic with 5000 and 10000 meters. Tirunese Dibaba has the world record in 5000 meters.

16. Ejegayehu Dibaba athlete

17. Genzebe Dibaba athlete

18. Meserete Defar 30 years old athlete

19. Derartu Tulu

20. Gezahegne Abera 36 years old athlete

21. Birhane Adere 40 years old athlete

22. Worknesh Kidane 32 years old athlete


23. Hailemarian Desalegn: The prime minister of Ethioipia

24. Tewodros Adhano

25. Mengistu Haile Mariam

26. Berhanu Nega

Blog Photo Attribution: By jingdianmeinv

27. Angel Lola Monroe 27 yrs old female who performs in many rap videos

28. Hibret Fekadu model

29. Liya Kebede a 36 years old model

30. Anna Getaneh model

31. Hiwot Assefa model

32. Gelila Bekele a 27 years old model.

33. Sara Nuru model

34. Angel Melaku model

Scientists and Educators

35. Suzanne Grazer Scientist

36. Gebisa Ejeta Scientist

37. Sossina M.Haile Scientist

38. Yosef Ben-Jochannan Educator

39. Ephraim Issac Educator

Movie directors and producers

40. Haile Gerima movie director and producer

41. Aida Ashenafi movie director


42. Abebech Gobena


43. Marcus Samulesson who became youngest chief by the age of 24. Marcus is now 44 and he owns Harlem Spot Rooster.

Book writers

44. Baalu Girma Writer well known for his book ‘Oromay’

45. Abe Gubegna Writer

46. Sebhat Gebre Egziabher Writer

47. Eskinder Nega Writer

48. Mammo Wudneh Writer

49. Bahrey Writer

50. Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin

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