Sunday, May 29, 2016

7 Things You Should Know About Temesgen Gebregziabher (Temu)

1. He was born and raised at Teklehaimanot, Addis Ababa.

2. Temesgen Gebregziabher learned music and dancing in Abinet Wekma. Wekma is one of the most famous art school from which many famous Ethiopian Artists grew up. He even became professional dancer and performed in some music clips before he become one of the top Ethiopian Artists of our generation.
Temesgen G/Egziabher (Temu)
Temesgen G/Egziabher (Temu)

3. Even though he doesn’t have the same style he said he is a big fan of Teddy Afro.

4. He expressed his interest of being a movie actor on Ethiotube interview with Yesuf. He also had 3 different script offers but he didn’t perform due to his schedule and the characters he had to play.

5. His official Facebook page is:

6. He acted a character of “fresh student in campus” on the famous “Life 101” which is published by Addis Ababa University.

7. Temesgen Gebregziabher presented multiple concerts in different countries of Europe, Kuwait and Washington DC, USA.

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