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10 Things you should know for better reading

tips to increase your concentration while studying
tips to increase your concentration while studying
Scientist Tony Buzan, the author of ‘THE BUZAN STUDY SKILLS HANDBOOK’ said, “People have no problem with the concentration”. Tony says, “We all are concentrating every time; our problem is focusing on a single task or thought.”

In this post I will tell you guys some easy tips you can apply while you are studying to increase your focus and concentration.

After making a research on human mind’s ability to concentrate, I pointed out the following tips to help you guys to increase your concentration during study time.

Consider the following 10 things while studying

1. Where are you?

Consider where you are studying and make sure you are in a quiet place.

2. What is the state of your environment?

It is harder to concentrate if your studying environment is not well organized. For example it’s difficult to concentrate if you are searching for your equipment while you are studying.

3. Who are you with?

A guy studying around friends who are not doing the same thing can be easily dragged into conversation and will loss attention on the topic he or she is studying.

4. What other thing are you doing?

Like using Facebook, replying emails or something that can distract your attention. Consider stopping them for a while, at least until you finish studying.

5. What is your physical and mental status?

For example if you are tired then try to get some rest before you start your study.

6. Are you using techniques to increase your memory?

Use mnemonics to remember things by associating what you have learned with materials, letters, words or things that you face in your daily life.

7. Are you taking a break while you are studying?

Short term memory can keep what you read for 3 to 4 hours. What you’re reading after that without taking a break will not be memorized well. Therefore take a break for at least 30 minutes before going back to your book.

8. Do you have a plan?

Break down larger tasks into smaller ones. For example if your plan is to finish a whole chapter within a week then make a plan that tells you which portions you are going to cover every day. This will help you to concentrate only on your daily task.

9. Are you giving your mind a reason to concentrate?

Choose understanding than memorizing. This technique will keep your mind to be active by making it to connect, solve and organize things.

10. Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours per day.

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