Top 10 most visited websites of 2014

1. Google

Google is the most widely used search engine all around the world.

top 10 most visited sites of 2014 google




2. Facebook

top 10 most visited sites of 2014 FacebookFacebook is the largest social media network in the current technology.




3. YouTube

top 10 most visited sites of 2014 YouTubeYouTube is the biggest and most widely used video sharing site. YouTube provides popular music, how to, funny, lectures, amazing, funny and many more videos which are shared by its members.

4. Yahoo!

top 10 most visited sites of 2014 Yahoo
Yahoo is a large search engine site next to Google. Yahoo like Google has different other services like mail and etc…


5. Baidu

6. Wikipedia

A site where you can find any kind of articles including bios, histories, companies and many more check it out.


8. Twitter

Twitter is a growing social media network nowadays like that of Facebook. But here you can find your favorite persons and companies with their daily updates ‘tweets’


10. Amazon

Amazon is a well-known business site which allows users to sell and buy products.

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