50 Popular Hotels in Addis Ababa

Sheraton Addis Hotel
Sheraton Addis Hotel

5 star Hotels in Addis Ababa

1. Sheraton Addis Hotel

2. Hilton Hotel

3. Radisson Blu Hotel

4. Elilly International Hotel

5. Capital Hotel and Spa

6. Intercontinental Addis Hotel

4 star Hotels in Addis Ababa

7. Siyonat Hotel

8. Jupiter International Hotel

9. Addis Regency Hotel

10. Tizeze Hotel

11. Dream liner Hotel

12. Friendship International Hotel

13. The Residence suite Hotel

14. Churchill Hotel

15. Destiny Hotel

16. Bole Ambassador Hotel Apartment

17. Harmony Hotel

18. Kaleb Hotel

19. Hotel de Leopol International

20. Debre Damo Hotel
Intercontinental Hotel Addis Ababa
Intercontinental Hotel Addis Ababa

21. Reliance Hotel

22. Panorama Hotel

23. Crown Hotel

24. Solo Te Hotel

25. Nexus Hotel

3 Star Hotels in Addis Ababa

26. Pacific Hotel

27. Caravan Hotel

28. Ag palace

29. Dimitri Hotel

30. Homage Hotel

31. Empire Addis international

32. Faro boutique

33. Addis regency

34. Atlas international

35. KZ Hotel

36. Ararat Hotel

37. Archi Hotel

38. Adot-Tina

39. Helde Apartement

40. Kebron Guest House

Other Hotels in Addis Ababa

Capital Hotel and Spa
Capital Hotel and Spa

41. Dessie Hotel

42. The Lion's Den Hotel

43. Monarch Hotel

44. Weygoss Guest House

45. Sarem International Hotel

46. Wassamar Hotel

47. Kenenisa Hotel

48. Ras Amba Hotel

49. Queen of Sheba Hotel

50. Edna Addis Hotel
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