Kamilat at Seifu Fantahun show

Kamilat and her family
KamilatKamilat had acid injury on her face and chest a day before Ethiopian Christmas at 4 o’clock of the night time by her ex-husband and another guy.

Kamilat is now married to a new guy and described her new husband by saying “He is a man!” she said “he is a very interesting man and she likes his personality very much.” She loves having some fun in a beach but she is not like a great swimmer.

Kamilat have been in France after the accident for the treatment of skin graft and the treatment is still going to reach at the best possible outcome. She has this amazing moral that she even forgets what the accident had done to her.

For the question “Do you want to think about the past?” asked by Seifu Fantahun. Kamilat answered “I think about it even if I don’t want it but I will not live it.”

Seifu Fantahun: Do you think you got justice?

Kamilat: My justice is I am treated and if nothing bad happened in the future I think I got justice.

Seifu Fantahun: “Do you work any physical exercises?

Kamilat: I used to do physical exercises but not now.

During the show her parents thanks the whole Ethiopians who helped Kamilat during the accident. Especially Sheik Mohamed Al Moudi, Meseret Defar, Haile Gebresellasie and also the sport federation.

You can watch the whole show of Seifu Fantahun with Kamilat here. If you like this post don’t forget to share, subscribe and comment!
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