Know one of Ethiopian Celebrities Jacky Gosee

Jacky Gosee is one of the most famous celebrities in Ethiopia this days. Jacky is well known for his unique style of singing and dancing of mixed traditional and modern music. He developed this ways of music since he was a child when he was working for Child’s Theater House where he used to sing and dance both traditional and modern songs and he got this idea of joining them together.

Jacky Gosee is high school graduate and he stopped his education because he was highly attracted by the music work.

Most of Ethiopians like Jacky Gosee for his work and they call him the Ethiopian Chris Brown. Not only the people love Jacky Gosee but he loves them he even had a known quote “my money are my fans”

He is well known for his work of “Fiammetta” which means little flame, “Demo Afe”, and“Chirash” which got around 4 million views on YouTube. He also made amazing music work including “Yene Akal” and “Sela bey”. “Sela bey” had become the sauce of weddings in Ethiopia. Jacky Gosee speaks the meaning of “Sela bey” as “Be happy and stop worrying”.

Jacky Gosee presented his concerts in Ethiopia, most countries of Europe including Italy and England. He also presented his concerts in Asia had 4 tours to Australia. Jacky Gosee spoke of planning to present his music works in Bahrain and Beirut.

Jacky is working his next album and his favorite song is “Alesh”.

Jacky is a fan of most famous singers of Ethiopia Teddy Afro and Gosaye. From soccer teams he is a fan of Barcelona and he said he likes Lionel Messi very much.
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