How to Make Shiro Wot The Cultural Food of Ethiopia

Food in Ethiopia is one of the expression of cultures of the different societies. Among the cultural foods Shiro, Enjera, Kitfo, Doro wot are the commonest.

In this post I will tell you guys how you can make amazing sweet Shiro wot at your home so sit back read and learn how to make amazing food of Ethiopian cultural food ‘shiro wot’.

First thing is first we have to prepare the ingredients which are shiro wot flour (made from bean), vegetable oil, red onions, tomato sauce, water, and meat. And the materials include a stove, spoon and a concave dish.
Cultural foods of Ethiopia

1. First we have to boil an oil with a couple of onions one or two to be specific.

2. Then after waiting at least 5 minutes until we see smoke coming out; we will add tomato sauce until it gets mixed equally. Actually unlike other cultural foods of Ethiopia and the rest of east Africa Shiro wot doesn’t need much of spice.

3. After adding the tomato sauce we have to add water which is equal in amount with the mixture to dilute and wait until it gets boiled.

4. Now it is time to add the Shiro flour in to the mixture, If you add to much of shiro wot flour you have dilute it with more water and wait until it starts to produce amazing smell. This is called Tegabino which means Shiro with no meat inside it.

5. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can add meat only red meat after chopping it off. This kind of Shiro wot is called Bozena Shiro.

6. Serve your dish and enjoy this amazing meal of the day!

Shiro wot

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