Wednesday, July 2, 2014

100 Things You Can Do When You Are Bored

Getting bored is a trivial feeling we don’t like and we need things to occupy ourselves to escape from this bad feeling. So I present to you the 100 incredible ways to escape this bad example of theory of relativity and make you feel better.

1. Clean and decorate your room

2. Browse the internet

3. Learn how to draw with your feet

4. Take a selfie for Instagram

5. Learn how to dance

6. Eat some snack

7. Play with your cat or dog

8. Count your friends

9. Follow celebrities on twitter

10. Get more food

11. Act like animals it could be a Turtle or a Whale

12. Hang out with your friends

13. If you are bored of them or if they are not available hangout with people you don’t know

14. Do your homework

15. Watch YouTube videos

16. Stalk your crush through social media twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever it is.

17. Hit on your friends

18. Go for a walk

19. Make prank calls

20. Try all your clothes on your closet

21. Play football with yourself

22. Experiment on new hairstyle

23. Make a YouTube video

24. Plant flowers

25. Teach your dog how to sit

26. Do the Harlem shake

27. Put some sticker tattoos on your hands and think you are a gangster

28. Watch a movie while using your Laptop, or IPad

29. Listen to music

30. Read something a book or a magazine

31. Play video games

32. Write a blog post

33. Visit or call families

34. Go to church

35. Watch soccer, football, basketball nobody cares watch whatever game you like

36. Talk to NPCs (Non player characters)

37. Annoy your siblings with a theme song you made

38. Talk to your friends backwards

39. Scream out your window the first thing that pops into your mind

40. Go out in the streets and follow some person

41. Ask stupid questions

42. Open TV shows and give your opinions

43. Make a crappie drawing of someone

44. Gasp in surprised mood every time someone passes by you

45. Visit places

46. Go swimming

47. Stalk people

48. Do you have a car? Then go for a ride

49. Go ride your bike

50. Talk to yourself
Happiness is excitement so check out 100 Things You Can Do When You Are Bored to be happy
100 Things You Can Do When You Are Bored

51. Go to Narnia

52. Watch TV and repeat everything they say with an accent

53. Go check what’s in your neighbors trash

54. Ding dong ditch your self

55. Have chair race with your friends

56. Pinch your nails

57. Play patty cake

58. Experiment with your makeup

59. Feel out a questionnaire

60. Have a fight with yourself

61. Play guitar

62. Call your house from your house and it says busy

63. Take a shower

64. Brush your teeth

65. Pull out a badge and shout at your friends like ‘CIA freeze’

66. When called by someone reply “I am not here”

67. Pretend that you are in a formula 1 race

68. Have a snowball fight with paper

69. Tell people you are beats speaker and sing to them

70. Bring worms and insist they are your pets

71. Shop stuffs on eBay

72. Turn off peoples laptop and tell them “The virus is coming”

73. Camp out

74. Ask people to give you 20$

75. Work out sports

76. Play 2 songs simultaneously

77. Start writing a diary

78. Text people you haven’t recently contacted

79. Check your grades

80. Start a stop watch and laugh as long as you can

81. Think of nicknames for you, siblings and friends

82. Plan what you will wear for the future

83. Watch people moving by the streets from your house or from a café

84. Take pictures of amazing things from your neighborhood and try to edit it using photoshop

85. Destroy bugs in your house

86. Play bingo

87. Ride an imaginary dragon

88. Call your grandma and ask her to bring cookies to your room

89. Stare at someone with your eyes closed

90. Text your friends their celebrity lookalikes

91. With a Walkie Talkie pretend you are a soldier

92. Turn into a werewolf

93. Decorate a Christmas tree

94. Read quotes of famous people on the internet

95. Ask people a question and give them the worst possible answer

96. Finish everything you say with ‘OVER’ like a man on a mission

97. Make a shopping list

98. Ask people to tie your shoe laces

99. Act like the opposite sex

100. Like, Comment and Share this post

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