The Ultimate 20 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem

Self esteem allows you to be confident, successful and happy, but 85% of the people doesn’t have it and they want to improve it.Well in this post I will preach you on how to break the shyness, feeling of worthlessness, and fear. You will see the change in your life starting from the day you start following this ultimate guide for building your self esteem.

Self esteem

1. Stop comparing yourself

Trust me every one had felt inadequate because of others achievements or look. You know there are times when you will compare yourself with some people and you might feel better or superior because you have something special that other don’t and this might increase your confidence but not for long since you will compare yourself with other people with a quality you don’t possess and this will rip away what you gained.

2. Be positive about yourself

You have to appreciate your qualities even the minor one. Unless you start it no one will and do it every day. Congratulate yourself on every victory you made.

3. Accept all compliments with 'Thank you'

The point here is when you refuse a compliment you are saying you are not worth it even if you think you are worth it. This will develop in your subconscious mind and decreases your confidence.

4. Know what you want and ask for help.

Don’t be afraid of NO because the answer is NO if you don’t ask.

5. Say ‘Thank you’ to others

Always acknowledge people who helped you on your way this makes you lovable. Besides you never knew when you might need their help again.

6. Change your body language

Walk with your head up, takeout your hands from your pockets, look people in the eyes. I will not say this will be easy but if you want to be confident you have to act like one. With practice you will be better at it.

7. Set goals and accomplish your goals.

This will give a boost to your self-esteem. Remember the more you accomplish the better your confidence becomes.

8. Identify what you are good at and make it your passion.

Everyone has a talent just know yourself and follow your heart to increase your self esteem and to be confident.

9.  Get into shape

If you think you are not physically fit then workout starting today. Positive visual impression makes communication simple with opposite sex.

10. Decrease negativity from your life

Let me put this in example you might have watched a sad movie and felt better. Is it because you think you are better than the characters in the movie that makes you feel good. This can’t change your future so stop doing things like this.

11. Create a positive input for yourself

This could be watching videos that makes you laugh, playing games, reading books, hang out with friends who respects you.

12. Learn a new language 

The average human mind can master at least 4 language. Learning a new language will not only gives you a gain self esteem but also love from others because you can speak their language. And it will make your social life great.

13. Always remember your achievements and qualities

You can build your self esteem by creating a list of your past successes on a paper. Seeing your list is very gratifying than you can imagine.

14. Admit your flaws and try to improve them.

15. Talk about your flaws.

But choose a person who can understand you, because some people might make you feel bitter about yourself.

16. Do things that scares you

Do them often while maintaining your sense of humor because you might succeed or fail. Don’t be distracted by your failure rather be ready to learn something from your failure at the beginning of the act.

This will make you more risk taker and through time when you build your self esteem you will be curious about things you've never done rather than fearing them.

17. Be a good listener

Being a good listener will definetly help you to get respect and love from your friends, fellow workers or anybody else and this will lead to gaining more and more self confidence and help you to build your self esteem

18. Look the good things in other people

This will help you to increase your compassion for others.

19. Help others it doesn’t matter how big or small it is just do it.

Choose to help when you can and you will feel better for it. It could be a person who have trouble opening a door, a person searching something or a person in your office who needs your favor.

20. Stop fear from stopping you to do this things

Because some day in the future you will realize you have done the right thing.

Well those are the 20 amazing tips that will help you to build your self esteem and gain more self confidence.

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Blog Photo Attribution: By Kiran Foster

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