Timket holyday in Ethiopia

As of a luck extraordinary geography, art of architectures, religious festivals and many other fascinating cultures are characters of the east African country, Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia respect their culture and heritages had been passing there cultures and architectural heritages from generation to generation for many centuries and they are still doing it. Today I will tell you guys about one of the cultural and religious holydays in Ethiopia, Timket.

Among Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church and people Timket festival is a great day. In this holyday there will be religious songs and furthermore there will be non-religious, cultural songs and activities. The dressing fashion of this special festival is unique which accounts for the breath taking appearance of the priests, other members of the church and the Christian population. There is even a quote in Amharic, Ethiopian national language “Le Timket yalhone kemis yibetates” that indicate every people should wear their best for Timket holyday.

There are two holdays that Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church celebrates in public those are Meskel and Timket. In these two holydays Tabots respected church heritages will be taken out for the holydays by priests. These two Christian holydays are unique to Ethiopia and the songs will be presented by cultural ways and include unique type which is known as Yared’s Zema. TImket is attractive to tourists which come from different parts of the world. Almost all tourists tell that they saw different from what they heard of Ethiopia with a great admiration to the festivals and the cultural heritages.

Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church is trying to keep this amazing religious holy day and its culture in many ways. Teaching the youth about the holydays and dressings to prevent mixing up with anti-orthodox new coming fashions. The church plays a great role in teaching the people about morality this keeps the social life in a good way with tolerance and self respect.

Ethiopian Culture and Tourism Minister is working to preserve those unique cultures and trying put the festivals name in UNESCO. The minister is also working on preserving the dressing and the culture of the people because Timket holyday is unique in Ethiopia and a major attraction for tourists. Ethiopian tourism depends on many heritages, geography, natures’ gift, ancient architects, cultural and religious festivals.

Not only the dressings and religious activities are unique to Timket but also the cultural ways of loving neighbors and showing respect for each other and the social life in this festival makes it even more joyful.

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