Arc of the Covenant

Church of Arc of the Covenant
Ethiopian Church with arc of covenant believed to be found
Ethiopians legend says the Arc was moved from Jerusalem while King Solomon was still alive. The son of Solomon, Menelik, the son he had from queen of Sheba is said to brought Arc of the Covenant to Axum, Ethiopia nearly 3000 years ago. The arc is believed to be a great gift of God which tells the secret of creation
There is only one monk inside the building and no other person is allowed to enter the building.

This monk is praying all his life inside he can't even talk to any tourists.
It is said that the Arc of the Covenants have the 10 commandments and it is in a gold box. In Axum there are other architects which leads at least 2000 years back. To see its civilization and relationship of ancient Ethiopian Emperors with King Solomon of Jerusalem.

In Axum you can find more than 300 Stelae which are monuments made from single rock which is taken out of the seas to remember the dead Emperors of that time those Emperors lies beneath the stelae. Some fall and brock due to earth quakes. Among the fallen stelae is the largest one which weighs 500 tons and 33 meters long. It is a mysterious technology of Ancient Axum to move such big stone from the seas to Axum and to erect it like that. At the top of the stelas there is a symbol of sun rise to show rebirth and life. These symbols show Christianity and shows the legend of Arc of Covenant might be true. This is not all the wedding culture of Ethiopians show the couples as King and queen like Solomon and Sheba. There is a unique brand of Christianity.

In Debre Damo the oldest monastery of Ethiopia there are many supporting factors that the Arc of the Covenant might be in Ethiopia. You have to climb vertically supported by a rope made from goat skin to reach the monastery of Debre Damo. You can find different ancient manuscripts in Debre Damo which support the Arc of covenant is found in Ethiopia, Axum. One of those book is The Miracle of Mary which is more than 1500 years the book is artistic.

One can also find more in Lalibela, a town in Ethiopia, about Arc of the Covenant. The rock churches of Lalibela which were built to decrease the effort and problem of going to Jerusalem tell more about ancient Christianity and the architecture also supports the relation of Ethiopian Christianity to Jerusalem and Old Testament people.
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