Prime minster of Ethiopia and AU’s chairman Hailemariam Desalegn Spoke of Madiba’s death

Prime minster Hailemariam Desalegn had gave their condolences for the death of the great man of our planer Nelson Mandela. On the official funeral proceedings underway which was for Mandela’s legacy 1918 – 2013

Hailemariam\s quote looks like this:

"Dear members of the Mandela family, dear comerates, exelencies, ladies, and gentlemen let me at the outset express how humbled I fill to be given the opportunity to be present amongst you to pay tribute to one of Africa’s greatest sons and the Nay conic figure of exceptional contribution to humanity, Nelson Mandela!
It is altogether fitting that the entire world pays tribute and beat farewell to the nay conic leader and champion of justice and liberty. This moment is even more poignant for Africa the cause of which this great man’s journey so typically symbolizes.
In Ethiopia Madiba has special place in our heart since he began the struggle and he stayed for short continent has to endure in the hands of ruthless colonizers and inhuman masters.

His was a life of struggle in the face of unparalleled odds; a life of suffering in the hands of militias, perpetrators of injustice and a life of perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable in challnges to that extent Madiba’s life was the mirror image of the continent for the liberation of which he so restlessly fought. For that Africa indeed indebted for that.
But in large sense his life also was a life of the very party that shaped and created him and one that Madiba’s struggle went to sustain and who’s unparalleled dedication to the cause of deliberation of Africa will be remembered by posterity the ANC!
As a true leader and authentic personification of the African National Congress Mandela’s life also represented what was promising about the continents future, that if we fight in justice to the nail that if we perceiver in the face of atrocities, that if we remain to committed the ideals of justice, liberation and above all the sanctity and of human dignity we can ultimately prevail over the evil no matter how the odds act against us. 
And for good measure Mandela went out of his way to preach the spirit of endurance forgiveness preferring as he did to chart a new course for his people’s future based on mutual respect and equality justice and reconciliation unifying than dividing. Humanity was indeed is better off because it had the good fortune of having the likes of Mandela as its torch bearers in the moment of other darkness, source of inspiration in the moment of hopelessness, and source of wisdom in the mildest of mediocrity. 
To once again dedicate ourselves to this great man stood for justice, equality, and freedom and unity in diversity and of course the renaissance of mama Africa. 
We salute you Mandela may his soul rest in eternal peace I thank you!"
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