Italian culture center in Ethiopia presents 2 music concerts

Italian culture center in Ethiopia presents 2 music concerts. The clarinet player Dawit Firew and the Ethio-Italian Saba Angelina presents the show.
"Ethiopian music styles will never gets bored no matter how much or how long you hear them. They will remember yesterday while showing today!"  Dawit Firew
 He shows his clarinet skill on the Italian culture center. Many people understand that musics which are not limited by time use old instruments in such a way that Dawit reveals old time Ethiopian music instruments with clarinet can present us with a remarkable joy and great feeling to the people who hears it.

In the show Dawit presents 10 musics which had already been presented in conjunction with clarinet. In the concert many art lovers enjoyed the show.

Also Saba Angelina Ethiopian with her mother and Italian with her father presents her show.

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