Ancient and historical Debre Damo Churches

Debre Damo cliff with goat ropeDebre Damo is found in north of Lalibela. It is one of the oldest buildings of Ethiopia and the only way to get to it is by climbing with a rope made from goat skin in the steep cliff. The view from this cliff seems like you are on the top of the world.

When the monastery was first established it is believed up to a thousand monks lived up here but now there are only 300. Debre Damo is one of the oldest Christian occupied communities in the world and it is 500 years older than Lalibela.

Debre Damo was built by another Ethiopian Emperor, Gebre Meskel. He ordered the construction of a ramp to get building materials up the plateau once the monastery Is completed the ramp was demolished. And Debre Damo is once more isolated.

 And continued taking this separation and they don’t allow women there. Even started from the 6th century they haven’t allowed female animals from the valley. The fact that the long cut of Debre Damo from the rest of the rest of the world helps to study ancient culture and history of Ethiopian kingdom. Here like in the rest of Ethiopia the unique approach to Christianity is evident. The structure of the buildings is similar to Lalibela’s Churches and Gondar Castle. The walls are made of small stones.

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