Ancient civilization and breath taking churches of Emperor Laliibela

Churches of Lalibela
Lalibela is a place named after emperor Lalibela where there is no other place parallel to it. The churches of Lalibela are made from the mountains of solid rock and take their shape. They are made with incredible precision and took a lot of force and skill to build those churches. The churches are very astonishing heritages of Ancient Ethiopian people.

There are 11 incredible historical churches in Lalibela. The man who made those churches was Emperor Lalibela. But according to kibre Negast or (Glory of kings, the true arc of the covenant) which was written more than after a century after the churches had been constructed, Lalibela was not a man which could not claim Solomonic dynasty he was a member of rival dynasty.

However Emperor Lalibela claimed God commanded him to build these churches and in so doing he attempted to claim the legitimate title of Emperor since he was doing God’s work. A legend says the construction of these churches had gone with super human speed. But recent research by French archeologists suggest otherwise.

Emperor Lalibela left an incredible legacy one which shows his uniqueness of his kingdom. Many tourists and people wonder what it would take to build such an incredible churches in that period of time. And most are fascinated by the glowing appearance of the churches when you look from below.

It is a breath taking display of the Emperor to be able to command his people to excavate thousands of tons of rock without any form of mechanization and shows cosmopolitans of Africa at this time.

The aim of building those churches was to decrease the difficulty of going to Jerusalem. Which literally means as a form of New Jerusalem in Ethiopia. Thousands of people of Christians made a journey to worship and 700 years later they still do. People came here to the eleven churches of Lalibela from all over Ethiopia and beyond. The churches look like achievements of medieval Europe.

Churches of Lalibela

Churches of Lalibela
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